Introducing Cassia’s New Sustainable Jewellery Collection Inspired By The Wonders of The World 

British fine jewellery designer and goldsmith Cassia Smith-Bingham has just unveiled her stunning new jewellery collection. With a deep-rooted passion for craftsmanship and an impeccable eye for exquisite design, Cassia has been captivating the world of fashion and jewellery since she founded her eponymous brand in 2000.  

This year, Cassia continues to make her mark in the world of fine jewellery and is introducing her magnificent Sunray Letter Collection and the Sunbeam Heart Collection. 

Each initial pendant is adorned with Champleve enamel, exquisite hand engravings and dazzling diamonds. With a wide array of luxurious enamel colours to choose from – including royal  blue, teal, turquoise, pink, green, and purple – each pendant is a unique personalised work of art. Additionally, the stunning Sunbeam heart pendant, crafted in 18k yellow gold with two-tone enamel and diamond accents, is the perfect complement to the initials.

Cassia’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail have attracted a prestigious clientele, including the likes of Selfridges, Dower & Hall, Harvey Nichols, Temperley, Vogue, Tatler, ES Magazine, Jesse James, and has numerous private commissions. 

Hailing from the picturesque British county of Wiltshire, Cassia Smith-Bingham is a highly skilled goldsmith, gemmologist, diamond grader, and designer. Each piece of jewellery in her collection is meticulously crafted with love and passion, making them truly one-of-a-kind. 

Cassia’s creative process begins in her idyllic Wiltshire studio, where she designs each jewellery masterpiece. These designs are then entrusted to a team of talented master craftsmen located across the UK, who bring her vision to life. From hand engraving to diamond setting, every step is executed with exceptional precision and attention to detail.

Inspired by the wonders of the world, Cassia’s jewellery reflects a harmonious blend of global influences while celebrating the beauty close to home. Each pendant undergoes a remarkable journey. After the gold pendants are made in Cassia’s studio, the journey starts for each letter, as Cassia employs the skill of an engraving and champleve enamelling master to add the finishing colour and design to each of her Sunray Initial pendants. The hand engraving process for enamel is a meticulous and time-consuming art, and there are only a few individuals who specialise in both engraving and enamelling at this high standard. Each pendant purchased, helps to keep the ancient craft alive.

The pendants then make their way to the skilled hands of diamond master setters in the workshops of London’s historic jewellery quarter, where each letter is adorned with sparkling diamonds.

Cassia’s passion for jewellery was ignited during a transformative trip to India in the early 90s. It was there, in the tranquil waterways of Kashmir, that she witnessed a jewellery artisan create a remarkable ring using the simplest of tools. This awe-inspiring moment left an indelible mark on Cassia, sparking her lifelong love affair with jewellery. 

Throughout her creative journey, Cassia has nurtured invaluable connections with gem-dealers and craftsmen in Kathmandu, where she designed her own collections. Her extensive knowledge of gemmology and the enchanting properties of precious stones shines through in each gemstone she creates. Whether it’s a stone sourced personally from Brazil, India or Sri Lanka, or a custom piece designed exclusively for a client, Cassia’s expertise and dedication are evident in every detail.

Cassia has been committed to responsible practices since launching her brand. All her stones are ethically and responsibly sourced and her dedication to sustainable practices shines through. In line with Cassia’s dedication to sustainable practices, lab grown diamonds are used in some of her creations, creating stunning jewellery that not only captures the heart but also respects the planet.

Each piece is entirely British made using recycled gold and plastic free packaging. For every purchase made, a tree is planted using  

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